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Kaori Body Oils


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Ignite your senses with Kaori Body Oils - an intimate journey tailored exclusively for you. Prepare to be spellbound by Vibez, our newest scent crafted from the harmonious fusion of ora cleansing and calming oils. Vibez weaves a mesmerizing tapestry of vanilla and woodsy notes that effortlessly defy conventional boundaries. Every bottle is handmade to order, delivering a lavish sensory indulgence that wraps you in the alluring allure of Vibez.

    Our blend of plant-based oils include:

    • Jojoba
    • Sweet Almond
    • Vitamin E

    Why choose our body oils?

    • Gender neutral
      Handcrafted with care
    • 12-month shelf life
    • Versatile uses (bath, massage, beard, cuticles)
    • Eliminate cigar smell from hands
    • Boosts skin moisture
    • Formulated with natural ingredients
    • Silky-smooth texture
    • Suitable for all skin types
    • Perfect gift for family and friends

    Don't wait, begin your path to better skincare and self-love today with Kaori Body Oils!


    Item is made to order. Please allow 1 -2 business days for processing.